Here we are

Late in the afternoon we arrived. Pulled in to the waiting arms of our garage and felt the loving embrace of home.
What a sight it was! My own sparsely furnished living room. How my heart leaped to see that empty space! My kitchen, bigger than I remembered. Until I looked into the cabinets and was reminded of my over love of kitchen ware. Everything had been cleared of junk by my poor lonely man during his weeks of solitude, and stood waiting for me to shine it up, bestow upon it those finishing touches masculine eyes overlook.
It really is miraculous, the healing power of your own four walls. A trio of little monsters curled up in the beds last night and this morning, from those same beds, tumbled children very much resembling my own. The magic had it’s effect on me as well. During the course of the night I was imbued with more patience than I’d ever hoped to feel again.
Remind me, next time I plan a four week trip just how much toll those extended wanderings take.

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