Out Walking

With the unpredictable weather we’ve had this month, we thought it best to take umbrellas.
Why would you leave the house wearing anything other than cowboy boots when you’ve got a pair?


Some walk faster than others. We couldn’t keep up with that girl.


After I took this one a neighborhood kid asked me what I was doing taking pictures of everybody’s houses.


Apparently, that kid can’t tell the front of a camera from the back. I haven’t come up with another explanation for how that boy thought I could get a house in the shot with the camera held at arms length facing my baby packing self. Still, I think he has a promising future as a conspiracy theorist.
We didn’t end up needing the umbrellas that time. It was sad for the children who longed to wield them against the rain, but happy for my camera, who had nowhere to hide in the case of showers.

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