After attempting to do my Mother’s job for a few days last week, it became abundantly clear to me that those young brothers of mine are going to need to learn a few skills in order to get through the coming weeks of her recovery. Accordingly, I’ve prepared the following quiz to kick off their new education.

1- After pouring a glass of milk for yourself you;
a) Put the milk back in the refrigerator
b) Dump the remainder of the gallon in the sink
c) Leave the milk on the counter indefinitely
d) Punch your sister in the stomach

2- You started to eat lunch but decided midway through, that your food is not satisfactory. How do you proceed?
a) Pile the dishes of half eaten food by the sink
b) Leave everything as it lies, plate on the table, food on the plate, fork along side with a bite still skewerd on the tines.
c) Throw the unwanted food away and put the dishes in the dishwasher.
d) Kick your sister in the shins.

Ok, this is getting boring and I think you get the idea. Those boys are slobbish and used to being cleaned up after. Also, they never never put the milk away.
Hear this brothers,
The time has come for you to clean up after yourselves. Your messes will no longer disappear while your back is turned, and the milk will go sour before you know it.
Your sister


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