Dreams come true

What do you figure this boy’s looking at?


He really really wanted to see. In so much that peeping through the vertical slats of the railing did not provide an adequate view.


What is it,? That siren which holds him captive, his face pressed against the pavement, staring, straining that he might witness it’s splendor? It is of course, a tractor.


Thanks be to this kind cousin, his dearest wish was granted and he got to drive it.


Now, please indulge me as I parade a series of photos before you for no other reason than that they’re adorable.




Zizza got to drive too. Her turn was in the back hoe.


And while she was clamoring in…


I guess he just couldn’t abide her going without him. Get out of there Enzo! You do not have my permission to ride in the bucket!


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