Despite what you may think, this is not a paid advertisement.

We went to heaven on Saturday. Heaven is alternately titled “Leatherby’s Family Creamery”. I never feel quite right if I don’t go once while I’m in town. I don’t need a menu, I always order the same thing. The BLT with fries and plenty of Fry sauce
Just look at that. Heaven on a plate.


Do you know what fry sauce is? If you’re not a Utahn I’m guessing that’s a “no”. It’s ketchup and mayonnaise all mixed up together. Some places use barbecue sauce instead of ketchup. My high school cafeteria used Miracle whip instead of mayonnaise which rendered the stuff unconsumable (I have a very low miracle whip tolerance) What ever the recipe, fry sauce is a fast food staple here in the Beehive State. Leatherby’s has the best fry sauce I’ve ever encountered. The balance of ketchup to mayo is perfection and they’ve gone the extra mile by adding finely diced onion to the mix.
Heaven on a fry.


Speaking of fries, the ones pictured above are every bit as good as they look. Crunchy on the out side and melt in your mouth tender on the inside. You know how generally, even in the best batch of fries there a few that are too mushy, or a little underdone, or both? The mushy, raw potato tasting fry is a sorry, sorry thing indeed. Anyway, I’ve never encountered a bad fry from Leatherby’s. Never.
Zizza, with her general dislike of potatoes isn’t even tempted by the deep fried golden splendor. She ordered a side salad to accompany her grilled cheese and was completely content with her decision. That preference will serve her well in years to come.


Enzo isn’t hampered by any such distaste, neither is the Mr. They both enjoyed their fries immensely. Lucky for me neither of them enjoyed their fry sauce as much as I enjoyed mine so when my little cup was wiped clean, there were two more waiting for me.


When the fries are all gone, and I’m thinking about finishing off the fry sauce with a spoon, it’s time to order ice cream. Here’s what I get.


It’s called “Hamilton’s sundae” (It used to be “Sarah’s” I’m still a little upset about the change) I order it with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce and extra hot fudge sauce on the side. Usually, I request no cherry but Zizza and I were sharing this time and she wanted it, as you can clearly see by the way she couldn’t wait for me to snap the photo before she snatched it off the top.
In my earlier days, I ordered “Maryanne’s hot fudge sundae” which is about three time’s the size of Hamilton’s and has bananas at the bottom. I miss the banana, but Maryanne’s is just plain too big.
Once, last summer I think it was, I had the best server in the place. I think he must be part of the family because he’s been there for freaking ever. Seriously, I remember ordering my first BLT from him something like fifteen years ago. Anyway, I told him how my girl doesn’t like fries or potato chips and he asked if she’d like sliced bananas as her side item instead, to which I answered “Heck to the yes!” so she got the bananas and there were some left over for me to have with my hot fudge Hamilton’s and it was absolutely perfect. I asked my server yesterday if she could give us banana’s instead of fries and she said “No”
Anyway, here’s how I eat this thing. I start by scooping off the outer layer of ice cream that already has a nice hot fudge coating. When all of that is gobbled up, I dip my spoon in the hot fudge like this.


Just ignore that other spoon, Zizza once again couldn’t wait for me to snap my photo to indulge her tastes.
Using my chocolaty spoon, I scoop myself a bite of vanilla bliss, like such;


Heaven on a spoon.
This is the best way to get the perfect fudge to ice cream ratio in every bite. Give it a try, you’ll see just how right I am and then you’ll sing praises to my name… or something.
Now for the best part. The melted gooey deliciousness that drips to the plate below.


Man that’s good.
By this point, I was feeling rather ill and ready to go home. It was worth it though. It’s always worth it.

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