In reality

I have not died.
The wedding is over. It was magical.
There were some fitting issues. I was not satisfied with my work, but I won’t dwell on it.
It turned out there were 8 flower girls, not the seven I’d prepared for. Somewhere along the way I lost the info about one little five year old. Luckily I went over the dresses with the bride Tuesday evening so I had Wednesday to make the last dress and be ready for the wedding on Thursday.
The little faerie girls were lovely.
My camera ran out of batteries about a half an hour in to the festivities. Someday when I’ve put a charged battery in it I’ll post some photos.
I am a tired girl. I’m relieved though. Now all I have to worry about is running and running is a worry. The last minute sewing encroached on my training.
I’ve only managed about four miles since Saturday and this day week I’ll be starting the race.
Heaven help me.

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