Sleep tight

Tucking Enzo into bed is always an adventure. After saying his prayers, he lays in his bed, with his thick little arm wrapped tightly around my neck, and requests songs for me to sing. He throws out requests like “Boat Song” “Bear Song” “Car Song” and I troll through my memory trying to come up with something to fit the request.
“Boat Song,” When he requests it from me, means “Dip Dip and Swing” which is my daddy’s stand by lullaby. Though sometimes he wants “row row row” and he informs me of the discrepancy.
If he asks the Mr. for the boat song what he means is “Beautiful Boy”.
He surprised me with a request for a “Lion Song” a few weeks ago. “Do I know a lion song?” I wondered. After a bit of thought I came up with

“Leo the Lion is the king of the Jungle
And his jaws are big and wide
Leo the Lion when he roars it’s a warning
That you better run away and hide!

Leo is somewhat of a stand by now.
Tonight he stumped me asking for a “tiger song” I drew a complete blank and had to think fast to make something up. I sang;
“Once there was a tiger
who lived in the jungle,
and he ate a monkey
for a mid-night snack”
to whatever discordant string of notes issued forth from my lips.
As I was contemplating this post, it occurred to me that he probably wanted “Eye of the Tiger” which we sang in a family Rock Band session a few days ago. Oh well, he didn’t complain so I guess it’s all good.
We finished off tonight’s set of requests with the “Book Song” to which I responded sans hesitation with a hearty “Matthew, Mark, Lu-uke, John, “The Acts, and The Romans…” proceeding on to include all of the books in The New Testament. Somewhere there’s a Primary Chorister who deserves a pat on the back for that one.

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