Do you think…

birthday cakes are sorry when the party is over?
With the main event of their lives, the very reason for their creation completed the remains of the cake sit crumbling, dejected, lost?


This cake has no reason to feel that depression that comes with natural decline and lack of purpose. I enjoyed the piece I ate just now every bit as much as the one I welcomed to my mouth during last night’s festivities.
Fear not, my sweet friend. I have delicious plans for the rest of you as well.

5 Responses to Do you think…

  1. Annie- no, it is not “the chocolate cake of life” That recipe has fallen out of myfavor as I haven’t been able to get it to come out right. I don’t know what I’m doing differently but it isn’t “of life” any more.
    This is my new stand by, a revved up cake mix with homemade fudge frosting.


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