The agony

I love Sesame Street. I’ve loved it since I first laid eyes on it as a tiny girl. The following is one of my favorite bits.

I felt so bad for the poor couple being kept from one another by the uncooperative traffic light. As I watched I always sent uplifting thoughts to the distraught groom “Don’t worry, the light will change. It will!” After a while I’d start wondering if maybe the light was broken because it just wasn’t changing was it? So, I’d think through ways he could get across With it red. Hmm, if he walkerd around the block…No, he’d still be on the wrong side of the street. He could call a cab to ferry him through the traffic, or maybe if he walked down to the light at another corner he’d have better luck.
By this time the song would be ending and a last surge of hope would rise in my bosom, perhaps in the last frame the light would turn miraculously green!
Still when I watch it I find myself hoping that the light will change at the end. It never does though.

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