Some of Each

It was a beautiful day today. Cool and overcast. We get an overcast day every now and then hereabouts but they’re generally stuffy and oppressive. A cool overcast day, now that’s something to write about.
We picnicked for lunch, we strolled after dinner, we played in the yard, enjoying the smattering of drippy drops across our faces. I’m just waiting to go for a luxuriously -just because I want to- kind of a run. My windows are open, the breeze is cool and smells like wet pavement. All of this is miraculous.
I’ve been waiting for bridesmaid fabric to be delivered so I can dig in to that project. I spent the week worrying, wishing I could make some kind of progress. I prototyped the skirt and found that a twelve-gored number with an off set flounce is what I’m after. It felt good to have a game plan, still it’s ridiculously easy to mess up a twelve gored skirt, and I’m going to be constructing four of these, heaven help me, without bodies for reference.
Today, with the skirt design nailed down and still waiting, I was feeling rather useless. Then I remembered the New One’s dress. Since I forgot to measure her before tucking her in to bed the day I cut the other six flower girl dresses, I’ve been putting hers off. So I had a purpose.
I decided to make that little dress an exercise in speed. It was the down hill side of nap time and I raced against the waking children to get it finished. While I was working my fabric was delivered. On a roll now, I was exhilarated. The little dress took about an hour.
But it didn’t fit her.
And the fabric is the wrong shade of pink.
The Mr is working late and after having my braces adjusted this morning, I’ve lost the ability to chew so dinner was buttered rice. It’s amazing how good that is.
To sum up, today was wonderful and discouraging. It flipped and flopped from one side to the other so many times I couldn’t keep track of what I should be feeling. Contentedly discouraged. that oughtta do it.

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