Bunny hop

Yesterday The New One wore full-out big girl pony tails with all of her hair included rather than just the top section. It was adorable but you’re going to have to take my word for it because I have no photographic evidence.
When Enzo saw her completed coif he started talking about bunnies.
“Oh, how cute and creative of him,” I thought, “He thinks her ponies look like bunny ears”
And I used to pride myself on my detailed memory.
This photo was taken two/three weeks ago. I put in the ponytails, told him he was a bunny and he hopped around the room with glee.


Being the lone son, sandwiched between a pair of sisters can be rough. Every morning when hair combing time comes there’s a struggle. Zizza wants nothing to do with it but knows it will happen whether she likes it or not so she requests the fastest hair-do she can think of before I get the chance to suggest anything more involved. The New One, being only eight months of age isn’t so much cooperative or uncooperative but sits and looks a whatever interests her while I follow the movement of her wee head with my comb.
Then there’s Enz. Any time he sees a vacancy he jumps right onto the step stool with an eager “air, tome?” I comb his blonde wisps and send him on his way. A few minutes pass, I may still be waiting for Zizza to put in an appearance, I may be stowing the hair combing paraphernalia at the end of the task, and here he’ll come again. “Air tome?”
He’s not satisfied until theres something or other adorning his boyish little head. Usually I put in the blue teddy bear barrette, or there’s a cookie monster clip that also works well. These things hold onto the pale froth of his hair for a minute or two and then somehow make their way back to the hair drawer for another go the next day.
This morning he was not leaving that stool without “bunny ears” I tried again and again to explain that since his haircut last week, he was out of luck on the bunny ear front.
Through his persistence he proved me wrong.
He does have enough hair for a quick pair of bunny ears.

But I don’t.


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