A new skill

Over the past month and a half my young son has started to play with toys. I mean actually play with them. In the past he would hold one and carry it around while he did whatever it was he was doing. Now he’s interacting with the toys and with his sister. It’s been fascinating to watch the change come on.
Now, for your enjoyment I’ll demonstrate one of the first interactive games Enzo played with Zizza and their stuffed animals.

Why hello Mr. Monkey sir. Fine day we’re having is it not?


I’ve asked Millie to bring our tea out to the veranda so we can enjoy the fresh air. Won’t that be nice?


Did you enjoy yourself at the ball last night?


Her play is quite a bit more sophisticated that his which means she gets rather bored of playing with him after not too many minutes. Even after the sibling interaction has ended, he’ll sit and play with his toys. It’s amazing how much of my time it frees up. He used to come looking for me as soon as he found himself alone in a room. Now, he’ll sit there for halves of hours making his Monkey say “hallo” to his Robot and driving his tractor over the baby. (Who, judging by her laughter, enjoys this as much as he does) I can even walk into the room and after exchanging a quick “hallo” with a toy taxi cab leave again without being followed.
It’s nothing short of a miracle I tell you. I don’t remember this happening with Zizza. I’m not sure if that’s because it didn’t happen or because I was too tired out and preoccupied with pregnancy to notice it when it did.
Either way, I’m glad to be noticing the change with him.


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