Dancing flower Girl

I finished up the flower girl dresses today…as much as I’m going to do before I get to Utah anyway. I’m hoping to put them on the girls once to make sure they fit before I do the little things like close the elastic casings and put on the closures. No sense in doing things twice.
Zizza’s fits though. She put it on this afternoon and gave me a sneak peak of tonight’s dance recital with her bed as the stage.
I did make her stand still for a little minute while I took a few boring shots


She rocked those foamy rollers all day in preparation for her big show.


See, isn’t it more fun to dance?


There was the Hawaiian number with music from Lilo and Stitch. It was definitely the favorite.


The arm that’s out of the frame here is swinging an imaginary lasso, that’s right folks a cowgirl dance. She was absolutely tickled when I dug out my Dixie Chicks CD so she could listen to her cowgirl dance song in the car this week. She was observed wriggling her hips and swinging her “lasso” in my rear view mirror on numerous occasions.


And of course there was a classical piece.


Which led to a demand that I photographically document her knowledge of her positions.




Three (I’ve only ever heard it spoken of in hushed, dismissive tones but Baby Girl faithfully inserts it between second and fourth every time)






So there you have it, a massive amount of sewing reported complete, a mini recital and a ballet demonstration, all in one post.

Look forward to an account of the actual recital in the coming days.

I should mention the blue writing here and there on the dress. When You’re constructing six dresses at a time it’s fairly easy to get bits mixed up and find that the sleeve meant for the size 2 wound up stitched to the size eight bodice and the size 5 skirt. Not such a good idea. For this reason I label each piece with a fabric marker as I cut it. I haven’t gotten around to labeling the dresses less conspicuously as of yet, so each dress has it’s size emblazoned across each piece in that trusty blue ink.

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