I have a few relatively uninteresting things to mention.
First the winners of my Grammar contest. I picked two because I am in charge.
Annie wins because she gave me the “these ones, those ones” fuel all those years ago.
Also, Sarah wins because the variety of tenses she mentioned never crossed my mind when I was writing that post, but it bugs me too. (And did you notice how many commas I used just then?)
I’ll get you ladies some prizes at some point.

Second, look at my side bar. See that “progress report”? I have a tendency to procrastinate. The bigger the project, the more I procrastinate it. The Mr asked me way back in January to please not leave these flower girl and bridesmaid gowns until the last minute. So far I have managed to put them off for three and a half months. I have a month and a half left until I leave for the wedding. As motivation to get a wiggle on with this project I will report my progress daily.
Don’t expect much on the weekends though. I almost never sew on the week end.

Last, comments. I’ve always been a horrible commenter. I’ve been prodding myself to comment more but I haven’t much improved. I’ve decided to take a different approach. Instead of working on leaving comments on other’s blogs, I’m going to start answering comments on my own blog. I actually already started, so far so good.
The End

4 Responses to Business

  1. I also sometimes feel allergic to commenting. So I will make some comments. It will likely not last more than this one blog catch up session, but a mark will be left in my name like never before!

    You should probably make comments on my blog. I feel so lonely over there.

  2. Annie- you’ll have to wend me your address one of these times.

    Boy- My comments may be few but I think I’ve left more of them on your blog than any other.


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