Baby sewing

I’m going to a baby shower later on.
What to give to the expectant mother of twins? Little matching outfits? A million baby socks? A pile of diapers?
I thought about a diaper wallet, but I made one of those just a few weeks ago. I can never go into business making these things because I’d be forced to dig my eyes out if I had to make more than one in the course of a month.
Then it hit me. Baby slings. I’ve been meaning to sort these out for ages. It prickles my skin when I happen on a web site selling the simplest of slings for fifty bucks.
I see them, I admire the lovely fabrics, I see how nice and convenient they are, and I start to want one. Then I wake up and realize just how simple it would be to make if I just thought about the measurements for a few minutes.
Yesterday I thought about the measurements for a few minutes. Then I made one for myself. Then I made one for my friend. Then I made one for her husband. (they are having 2 babies, so they’ll need 2)
The actual sewing takes no more than 15 minutes. The most time consuming part of the project is washing and ironing the fabric.
I think I’m going to dip my toe into the pool of tutorial writing with this project. Don’t hold your breath though, I don’t feel at home on this computer so it may have to wait until my shiny new lappy comes and I get all nice and comfy with it.
Here are my three slings

The all floral one is mine, the floral with green one is hers, the brown and spots is his.

And here is the Diaper wallet I already gave away.

This time I made it out of a discounted Pillow sham from Ross. That was nice because I didn’t have to quilt it myself. The sham was made with a lighter weight batting than I normally use so I had to beef it up on the closure flap to get the stability I needed. It still saved time though, having it pre-quilted.
This was my best one yet, I made it a little longer than it’s predecessors and that was the key.
Some day I’ll be able to show you what else I’ve been up to.

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