A ramble

This dead computer thing has me out of my blogging grove. To be honest, I’ve been a bit out of the groove for weeks now, maybe even months but the dead compy has definitely compounded the problem.
Today though, I felt like blogging. Not anything specific, just a ramble.
I thought I’d discuss my drive home from church. The way I had all the windows down and the sun roof open to enjoy the bright blustery day, and as I pulled out of the parking lot and accelerated to meet the speed limit, the wind through the windows sneaked up my skirt and sent it up in a billow finally settling around my waist once I got the windows rolled up. Luckily there was no one in the neighboring lane to get the full view.
Further down the road were freshly plowed fields surrendering their dirt to the wind. I was glad for the closed windows as I drove through the resulting dust cloud.
After the dust came the tumble weeds. I nearly ran over about five. They kept tumbling across the road just in front of me, and then tumbling out of the way again just in time. I did swipe one, but the visions I had of a giant weed tumbling on to my windshield and lodging on a wiper, cutting off my view of the road gladly never came to pass.
I read Shannon Hale’s “Austenland” over the weekend. I quite liked it. It was one of those deliciously quick and satisfying reads. Fun and fluff with a perfectly resolved ending. The kind you’re sorry to finish when you reach the end.
Now I’ve got my copy of “The Complete Novels of Jane Austen” on the table waiting for me. I’ve been luxuriating in the thoughtless pleasure of easy reads for a few months, lots of young adult fiction, things I can read while supervising children without missing anything. It’ll be nice to read something that requires a bit of thought. Not that Jane Austen novels are particularly challenging, but they do take a bit of thought.
I think I’m going to start “Persuasion” tonight. I have yet to read that one and I’m itching to start.
Speaking of dear Jane, when you refer to her works do you call them “Austen Novels”?
I’ve always used both her names when discussing her but “Austenland” was full of “Austen this” and “Austen that”. Am I the odd one, or do others of you find it hard to leave off the “Jane”?
I got new shampoo. I had a slightly mint scented one last summer that was bright and refreshing without being overly minty. My Mr is allergic to mint so If I want it around it has to be very mellow and unassuming, a hard thing for mint to be. I remembered that nice freshness of mint shampoo when I was shopping the hair care isle last week and decided to try something new,”Rosemary Mint” shampoo and conditioner.
I used it for the first time last night. This product is not mellow or unassuming. I stood there lathering it through my hair and thought to myself “I smell just like a thin mint”.
When I got out of the shower, I went straight to the pantry, cracked open the girl scout box and ate a few.
Well, I’m off to brush my teeth, wash off my make-up and see about this “Persuasion” business.
Fare thee well.

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