It went like this

Zizza was dressed in green before she came down to crawl into my bed and pester me out of it. I dressed the others in pinch avoiding attire and then retreated to my room where I dresed myself.
In orange.
I came out and waited.  After a few minutes I asked Ziz, “So, do you think this is a good outfit for me to wear?”  She said she didn’t think it was. Still, it took quite a few less than subtle hints on my part before she came over and pinched me. I thought about pinching her back ten times because truth be told, I had donned my spring green supportive undergarment in honor of the day, but I decided against it.  I’d been debating the wole time about whether or not I was going to pinch back.   My final decision not to was based on the sweetness whith which she finally pinched me, and the joy it gave her to have bested me at selecting appropriate attire for the day. (So she put on a Christmas t-shirt with her green skirt, big deal. It’s festive right? Who says you have to stick to one holiday at a time?)
Then we found a scorpion in the laundry room.
When Zizza was safe away at Joy School I took the younger, oblivious pair of children to the store for a bit of holiday magic. Sadly the only St. Patrick’s day items in the place were, a t-shirt worn by the greeter at one door, and a small Guinness display at the other so i was forced to get creative.
I took my search into the kitchen ware section where I found what I was looking for in a “molcajete set, 2-8 oz bowls for salsa and condiments” that’s what it says on the label. Along with, “Make every day a fiesta!” To me they looked just like the pots leprechauns use for gold storage, so I took them home with me and made today a fiesta. I also took some mini caramel flavored popcorn cakes and a bag of fun sized Twix.
Then, our neighbor and pest control specialist came and took the scorpion away.
After quiet time, Zizza was delighted to find paper shamrocks and confetti outside her bedroom door. It took almost as much cajoling to get her to look around for her pot of golden snacks as it did to get her to pinch me.
When Enzo woke up from his nap, he was pretty happy about the confetti and golden snacks too. In so much that he chanted “crackers, crackers, crackers” as he ate his popcorn cakes and again as he jumped on the trampoline after dinner.
Dinner was Zucchini cakes (my version of them anyway) and green pasta with leprechaun milk to drink and avocado ice cream for desert.
Aside from the scorpion, a good, green, sort of a day.
How was yours?

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