I haven’t read any, and I mean any blogs since Thursday.
Our family desktop, that is to say, my computer, died a slow tired death. (I have the Mr’s lappy here, which enables me to type this bland report)   Plus, also, we’ve had a busy weekend, which involved no bloggity-ness.
Something else of very minor interest. The Dog was groomed today.  About dang time too.
If we don’t schedule his next appointment when we pick him up, we tend to keep putting it off until he’s a smelly little mop with a black nose and a mass of eye goobers. This was one of those times, and he was bad, really bad. I didn’t think to tip the groomer extra until I was driving home reflecting on how awful he looked this morning. That groomer really did deserve a little extra gratitude.
I  remembered to schedule the next appointment though, so that’s something.
One clean dog, three exhausted kids, a dead computer, and a pile of unread blog posts. That’s my status this afternoon.


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