A pink t-shirt

When I was a senior in High school and working at JC Penney, a change started coming over me. My favorite color had been red, then it morphed into Orange and now, it was morphing again.
There was a pink flowered T-shirt in the Jr department, right across the isle from the Misses sportswear department where I worked. The Jr’s associate and I worked closely, covering one another’s breaks, putting away teetering towers of clothes from the fitting rooms, that sort of thing. What this all means is; I walked by that pink t-shirt roughly two billion times a day, and every time I walked by, my love for pink grew until it unseated orange as my favorite color.
I bought that pink flowered t-shirt. I bought it and loved it in spite of the fact that it fit awkwardly. It was rather too short and the gradated floral motif hit me in just such a way as to bring more attention than I wanted to the boobular area. I loved it, but I hardly wore it.
I hung onto it for a long time, partly because of the love, and partly because I didn’t know how to get rid of clothes. Pitching anything with the least amount of wearability was an unpardonable offense to my mind.
Six years after the t-shirt entered my wardrobe I learned how to let unworn clothes go. I put the pink shirt in the donate pile, but I still couldn’t do it. I loved that pink floral too much. I snatched it out of that awful pile, and apologized to it’s lovely pink softness. I didn’t put it back in my closet though. I knew it didn’t belong there, keeping it locked up, unworn, was a grievous crime and it was time I repented.
I took it to my sewing room. I snipped and sewed and soon, I had a lovely baby dress. A gradated pink floral baby dress ready and waiting to adorn my sweet young child.
Today was a great day. Today I opened the box of size six months baby girl clothes, pulled out the little pink dress, and put it on My New One.
She, of course, looks fab in it.

I meant to post photos of both my baby girls in the dress. Alas, the image of baby Zizza wearing the beloved item is missing. I know there exists such a photo, but find it , I cannot.
One day I’ll find it and when I do, I’ll post it. For now, we’ll have to make due with a photo of one adorable baby girl wearing the legendary pink shirt-dress. The photo really doesn’t do justice to either the baby or the dress, but I was in a hurry, sorry.


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