When Enzo was born I didn’t know how I would ever manage to leave the house on my own with two kids. I knew it was possible, people do it all the time, but I didn’t know how I would do it.
Part of that had to do with me over babying Zizza. I was dressing her one day when she was about eighteen months old and thinking how hard it was. She didn’t really fit on the changing table and she was getting a bit heavy and hard to maneuver, and I didn’t see how she would ever learn to do this for herself. During that little pity party I realized how ridiculous it was to dress an eighteen month old child lying on a changing table like an infant. I’d just gotten in the habit of doing it that way when she was an infant and kept it up much longer than necessary.
The same kind of thing happened with outings. I kept right along carrying her into the store every time. She never walked in the parking lot



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