a 3 damnit shopping trip

I wrote this post two years ago during the worst week of my life. I was 3 weeks postpartum when The Mr went to Israel on business for nine days. During that time, I got news of a break-in in the neighborhood which left me not only lonely and hormonal but also panicked and in search of curtains.
I had some technical difficulties posting this and lost the second half. I was so frustrated, I abandoned the post and it’s sitting here un-published all this time.
I don’t remember the circumstances of the second and third “Damnits” referred to in the title but this lonely little piece of a post needed to see the light of day, so here it is.

Today I took my 2 little bundles out to do a bit of shopping. A few days back I left one of my bags at Target and this was my first chance to retrieve it. I was also in the market for some curtains and what do you know World Market is right by Target so off we went.
As I was leaving the house I realized I didn’t have a binky but decided it was not worth going back for as the tiny boy will not generally take it anyway and it being his nap time, he would likely sleep the outing away.

We parked at World Market and I found not a sleeping infant and an anxious toddler, as I had expected, but a sleeping toddler and a wide eyed infant. So I put on my trusty ergo baby and attempted to load little Enz, but he didn’t wanna go in there.
He was holding his little body so rigid I couldn’t get him snuggled in. His head was bobbing all over the place and the sun was getting in his eyes. I figured he’d relax a bit after I started walking and then I could arrange him better so I got Zizza and headed into the store.

Walking did not help so I bounced. Bouncing was a waste of energy. I had now succeeded in making my mild mannered infant hopping mad. Thankfully the curtains are in a lonely corner of the store, still the child was wailing. So I unstrapped the ergo baby and stuffed it in the cart. This appeased the Baked Potato enough that I was able to hold him in one arm and keep him calm with a slight sway. I selected my window coverings like this and we were off. Almost, Sweet Baby girl wanted to look at the animals so I pushed the cart one handed to the display of jungle animals managing not to knock anything over. This was quite an accomplishment. World Market is not known for being a maneuverable store and I was still doing the mommy dance to quell the occasional yelp. Soon the yelps became more frequent and I deemed it best to quit the place. We left with out much further fuss but found that there is not a ramp onto the parking lot from the sidewalk in front of the store. I was not willing to attempt a one-handed curb jump wile cradling a cranky 4 week-old so I picked up my stuff and managed to balance everything long enough to lift Zizza out of the cart. I’ve only just realized how much easier it would have been to lift her out before getting the stuff. We made it to the car and I reached into the pocket of the ergo baby for the keys. There was nothing else in the pocket so they were easy to locate. I pulled them out and keys flew everywhere. My key-ring was not intact. Actually only 2 things actually reached the ground and they fell in the fairly secure area between my car and the one parked next to me so Zizza picked them up for me and climbed into the car, pausing to adjust the straps to her car seat so tight buckling would be impossible. Eventually after dropping only a few more items and a “Damn it” we made it to Target.

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