The answer

This is honestly my favorite of all films ever made.
From the opening, “I feel like I’m not out of bed yet” sung by a truly awesome bass all the way through the city, singing and dancing as she goes, and back to the dock where the same bass wraps things up with the same line. There’s not a minute that drags or makes me cringe a little like occasionally happens in cheesy old films that I love anyway. (I’m looking at you Funny Face)
The music is fun and singable, the characters (aside from Ivy who’s a bit of a yawn) are spunky and lovable, the dancing makes me sigh with longing. (I’ve always wished I could dance) and it never fails to put a smile on my face.
Tied for first place as my favorite scenes are the opening scene with the bass, which I couldn’t find on you tube, and the scene below. Which, between the dancing and that incredible dress, plants in my bosom the burning desire to be Ann Miller.

Imagine my delight when while watching another favorite of mine, Ugly Betty, I witnessed this wonderful tribute to my own dear On The Town. If I hadn’t been a faithful Betty lover before, this scene would have single handedly established my everlasting fanhood.

Now for business. Two people answered correctly. Boy didn’t state the name of the film, but obviously knew exactly the film I meant. Cassandra knew the answer immediately as I was sure she would.
Since there are just the two of them, I think we can afford to make this a little more interesting than simply drawing a name from a hat.
Get ready readers, there’s going to be a face off. My baby brother vs. my best friend.
Who will be victorious and secure the win and it’s accompanying copy of “On The Town”?
Only time will tell.

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