The Deceptive Baby

Does this baby look to you like she has Bronchialitis (which may or may not be RSV)and a matched pair of ear infections?
Well, that’s probably because she was perfectly healthy when this photo was taken two months ago, but if you imagine her hair a little longer and her cheeks a little rounder, you will have an accurate image of what she looks like now.
She started coughing on Sunday. Wednesday she sounded better, coughing less, her sweet little coos had the sound of a returning voice. Wednesday night was rough, and I decided a Dr visit was in order.
Thursday morning I followed through with my decision and made her an appointment. She coughed maybe once between the time when I made the phone call and her in. I was expecting the “It’s just a virus, go on home” speech.
Instead I got a nebulizer and antibiotics for those infected little ears of hers.
Lets review.
Baby looks like this;

She’s coughing some, but she’s happy, smiling, pleasant to be around, doesn’t even have a runny nose.
Chock full of mucus, can only just breathe, and probably can’t hear a word you say through all the infected goo in her ears.
How on earth are you supposed to know shes sick if she never gets grumpy?
Happy cooing babies are not supposed to require thrice daily breathing treatments and antibiotics!
I’m really not complaining. It’s wonderful having a baby with such a gentle disposition, but if she would have at least cried a little, I might have realized she needed to go to the Dr. sooner in the week, she wouldn’t have gotten so bad, and she could already be feeling much better.

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