It turns out

Going to the dentist is not nearly as much fun when you have braces.
Thanks to all the darned hardware on my teeth I had more build up than ever I’ve had before. The hygienist chiseled away at it and I sat in the chair trying to maintain a relaxed attitude by channeling all of my tension into my hands which were tightly clamped together and resting on my stomach.
I’m pretty much done with this whole “braces thing”. I’m tired of not being able to really enjoy chips with my guac, or apples, or carrots, or anything crunchy. I’m tired of it taking a full 15 minutes to floss, tired of waking up to this every night because that awful crossbite just will not submit.
Not even the lime green rubber bands I picked at my last adjustment brightened my braceward attitude.
If all goes well, I endure the torturous elastics for a sufficient amount of time each night, and my teeth move the last little bit needed to achieve perfect alignment, the braces will come off in two months.
My fingers are crossed.

One Response to It turns out

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I hated braces and the full 3 years that I had them. The day I got them off I couldn’t keep my tongue off of my slippery teeth and I couldn’t help but look at them in the mirror all the time. It was pure bliss. But even once I got them off I was still so afraid to bite into an apple for fear that something might break off like a tooth.


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