First sewing project of the year

Yesterday the stars aligned such that at long last I had the time, supplies and desire to make myself a diaper wallet.


I love a quick one day project.
I haven’t worked out the kinks in this idea yet. I tried different pocket placement from last time, but I’m still not completely satisfied.


I also need to work on snap placement. I put the snap on early in the process this time. On the first go around the snap was an after thought, the last thing I did. That made it easy to figure out where exactly it should go, but I had to come up with a way to cover the mount on it’s back side.
I remembered that, and put the snap on before I started quilting this one. That means, the ugly mounting business is completely enclosed, but without the pockets sewn on and filled, it was hard to guess where to put the two pieces of snap, so the whole thing has to fold differently than I’d like it to in order for the two pieces of snap to match up.


Maybe if I make another one, I’ll get it right.

In any case, the appliqued flower was fun. I love the fabrics even if it does fold awkwardly.

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