Dish it up

The exercise in my kitchen this evening was to see how many dishes I could use to make a single dish. I did well, very well in fact. I dirtied more dishes in a shorter period of time than I ever have. (That last statement may or may not be an exaggeration, you be the judge.)
The Mr recently got a bodybugg. My gift to him for our coming anniversary.(Romantic, no?) Last evening he did the dishes and was pleasantly surprised to find out just how many calories dish duty burns. I figured preparing a heap of dishes for him to wash would be a good way to support him in his new fitness endeavor.
Only too bad for me, ’cause he tweaked his shoulder somehow and can’t get his scrub on. He did unload the dishwasher, but he said “ow” every time he fully extended his arm. I guess I have some calories to burn when I’m finished here.
The recipe which, along with my poor prep planning, is responsible for my pile of dirties is The Pioneer Woman’s Cauliflower soup and it was totally worth it. My two kids cleaned their plates, er, bowls. The only other meal that garners such results is plain steamed rice.
Some may argue that plain steamed rice doesn’t count as a meal but it passes for one around here more often that I care to admit.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a sinkfull waiting for me.

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