a few (6) years ago I got me some fake hair.
It was cool.
It was cool in a “pretend I’m actually a black girl” kind of way.
For three weeks I had long (to my waist) polyester braided extensions. I rocked that look.
The only bad parts were, 1 the plastic hair was kind of itchy on my scalp. and 2 it took for freaking ever to dry. Also, while it was drying it was so heavy I couldn’t hold my head up. I had to lay down with the hair spread on a couple of towels until it dried.
I wish I had some photos to share with you but we were camera-less at the time.
Anyway, we found the extra hair in a closet the other day. Now I’m debating about what to do with it.
I kept it because I always expected to revisit the look, but my braid end sealer went missing a few years ago. Vanished entirely from my possession, I’ve searched every closet, nook, and cranny in this house. Without means to seal the ends of the braids, extensions are an impossibility. Also, I think I might have outgrown the desire for crazy-long braided extensions. Crazy, huh?
So what does one do with extra plastic hair? Give it to the DI? Do you think anyone would buy hair second hand at a thrift store?

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