We’ve still been vacationing this week even in spite of the fact that we’ve been home since Tuesday night.
Staying up late and getting up late, going out to lunch and not returning phone calls. It’s been lovely but tomorrow the Mr goes back to work so we’ll be getting back to real life.
Tomorrow will be the first real day of the new year for me. I’ve been looking forward it.
From time to time throughout 2008 I’ve thought to myself what an oddly out of whack few months it had been. Finally late November-ish I realized how many more than a few months had gone by with me still in my little rut, somehow unaccustomed to my life and unable to find a comfortable groove.
Since then I’ve been waiting for the new year to come. Last January knocked me down, maybe this one will pick me up. I think it will, I will anyway, pick up that is. With or without help from January.

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