Out and about, running the sort of errands one runs after a week long separation from one’s home. Groceries, garbage bags and a stop at the car wash to rinse the awful winter from Dusty Miller’s flanks.
During the process, mention was made of bum cheeks. I’m not sure how it came up. Probably something about Zizza getting her bum cheeks in her seat where they belong.
She was confused at first, “bum cheeks?” she asked all skeptical like.
“Yeah,” I answered. “The two sides of your bum. That’s what they’re called, cheeks.”
She thought that was the funniest thing in the world. “bum cheeks, bum cheeks, BUM CHEEKS! bumcheeksbumcheeksbumcheeks”
And she laughed at herself every time she said it.

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