Well, here we are

Our Christmas rush is almost through. We have a party with my family this afternoon, a party which involves sledding.
I don’t so much want to go sledding.  Cold is really not my thing and being as how I don’t have any boots or snow pants and, will thus be participating in my sneakers and jeans, cold will be unavoidable. I could opt out of the sledding part of the day were it not for the resolution I made to spend more time doing active-outdoor type activities with my kids.
Resolutions, I hate those things.
We made it through the drive up with only one unexpected barfing. We forgot to bring a bucket but luckily Enzo’s car seat is slightly reclined so all of the icky goo was collected on his own chest which made for easy clean-up.
We spent a day rushing around buying last minute gifts. Another rushing from party to party, to party,   a party for every meal on Christmas eve. And a third sitting contentedly in the house while the world grew whiter and fluffier around us.

Christmas was the mellowest day we’ve had in weeks.
Zizza’s congratulating her grandma on her exceptional icicle cultivating skills,

The Mr is outside shoveling and throwing out his back, Enzo is reading “Goodnight Gorliia” the New One is sleeping away the morning as is her habit, the dog is shivering and cursing the day we brought him to this awful cold white place, and I am realizing that the mellow is done, there’s a whirlwind waiting and it;s time I got up and faced it.

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