Soup with stars, please

On Saturday I looked in the refrigerator and noticed something. It was a massive hunk of foil, sitting there filling most of the main shelf. It was almost as though it had been there forever, so long I’d stopped seeing it when I stared into the abyss wondering what to fix for dinner.
It hadn’t though. Been there forever that is.
It had only been there since Thanksgiving. Granted, that is a pretty long time for a thing to hang out in a refrigerator.
I didn’t throw it out though. No sir, or mam. See, turkey bones only come around so often and when they do you’ve got to fix them up right or you’ll be sorry. Sorry to miss out on the deliciousness that is Turkey soup with home made noodles.

I made the soup on Sunday. It was a last minute whim that led to the star shaped noodles. I have a set of different sized star cookie cutters, and plain old straight noodles sounded so blah.
The stars were a raging success. On Monday around the time I usually start the abysmal stare I mentioned before, Zizza came into the kitchen and asked, no, begged. “Please mama, please can we have left overs for dinner?”
True story.
So we had left overs and they were delightful. We had leftovers again for lunch the next day and dinner tonight. Every time it’s been served the soup has been well received. I think I’ll use those cookie cutters more often. I shouldn’t give them all the credit though, it was my best turkey frame soup to date.

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