Just realized I sent them to bed with un-brushed teeth. oops.

I took all of the children with teeth to the dentist today. Actually, I took the one without teeth too but she didn’t get an exam.
If you’d been at my house in the hours leading up to the visit you would have thought I was taking them to Disney Land.
Zizza was soooo excited. “Do you know what my favorite part is mom? It’s drawing Butterflies” (magna-doodles are furnished at each exam chair for the patients doodling pleasure) She talked my ear off about the drawing. Also, she described in detail the tooth shaped stools in the waiting room play area. She wondered aloud what kind of toothbrush she would get and which prize she would choose.
She explained to her brother all that would happen and how the Dentist would tickle his gums with the tooth brush and then, he could choose a bouncy ball like hers from the prize center. She took the responsibility of the older more experienced child very seriously. I think the only thing she forgot about her first visit to the dentist six months ago was the fact that Enzo came along and watched it all go down so he maybe didn’t need all the coaching she gave him.
And how did the actual visit go, you ask?
They each have excellent dental health. They each enjoyed the event. They were each delighted with their new tooth brushes and the prizes they selected. Neither of them put up any sort of fuss or, in Enzo’s case, even made a peep during their respective exams.
We scheduled another visit in six months time and will surely be drunk with anticipation waiting for the day.
I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, my kids loving the dentist. I love going myself. Sparkling clean teeth really are a thrill.

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