Why, Gerber? Why?

One fine and fateful day in the final stages of my first pregnancy I came into possession of a bottle of Gerber Grins ‘n Giggles oatmeal scented baby wash and the accompanying lotion.
I didn’t care for it. It smelled good enough, but I found the scent rather pungent for a wee babe. I decided to use it for myself and forget it.
Eventually though, I ran out of the Johnson’s baby wash and lotion I’d found appropriately bland for use on a new born and we gave the Gerber a try.
It’s true, the stuff smells strong in the bottle. Put it on a baby though, and magic happens.
It is the single sweetest fragrance in existence upon the face of the earth today. It is the smell of my babies, you see, I never tuned back…
Until March, when I ran out and couldn’t find anymore. I looked on Gerber’s web site and it was still listed in their products, but none of the stores in my area carried it.
Then I got a little busy and tried not to think about it until today when I was once more in the market for baby wash.
This time I decided to give Johnson’s oatmeal scented wash a try. It’s the best I’ve had since the Gerber ran out but it’s still not the same.
After thinking about the Grins ‘n Giggles smell all afternoon, I really needed a fix so after bathing the new one in the Johnson’s wash I swathed her in the Gerber lotion. I have one last bottle of that, I keep it for emergencies. Last time I used it was the day Little Bitty came to our house.
I honestly almost cried when I cracked open the bottle and smelled the intoxicating scent of fresh baby.
The New One is in bed now, every time I walk in the room I lean over the bassinet and sniff her luxuriantly.
I checked Gerber’s web site again. The Grins ‘n Giggles line isn’t mentioned there any more. I did find this in a desperate google search. You know it might actually be worth the $9.95 plus shipping?

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