Here’s the deal folks. I like to run. At times in my life I’ve even loved to run.
I’ve been meaning to get back into it these four years since I’ve become a mother, I just can’t figure out how. Not how to run, I know how to do that, I’ve even done it a time or two. I can’t figure out how to do it regularly, with children.
I ran occasionally with just the one child, I still had trouble fitting it into the day, but it was possible.
Then came the second child, and he didn’t bring a double jogger with him so that complicated things. Still, I got out a time or two while the bigger one was at joy school.
Now there are three. If I bought the double jogger I could run with the smaller pair while the older one is otherwise occupied, that would be an improvement to what I’m doing now. I could only make it out 2-3 times a week that way though, not enough to constitute an actual training program for any of the races I hear about and aspire to run.
So, friends, friends with children who also manage to get out there and run. How is it done?
My guess is that you have to do it early before the children are awake. I’ve never given that any sort of an effort. Two reasons, I love my sleep and the morning sleep is the absolute best, and mornings are dark. I think it would compromise the safety of my person to run all by my lonesome in the big dark world.
What I need is a buddy. Does anyone want to volunteer? Come out in the insane hours of morning and run with me so we can protect one another?
Seriously, call me. (or, you know, e-mail)

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