Ahh, pie

How I love thee. Beautiful, edible artwork.

There was peach

Crimped and sugared

laden with stars.

Apple crostata, simple and heavenly.

Then there was this beauty. Starting out…

almost there,


Actually, not quite perfection. My pies have a tendency to be soupy. I need to remember to add extra tapioca, or cornstarch, or flour depending on what thickening agent is employed in my recipe. I suppose it’s just as well. If I’d already attained perfection, what would I have to work for?
The sweet potatoes were delicious, as long as you didn’t plan on eating more than a tablespoon of them. The flavor was spectacular caramely delight but oh so very sweet. I think I’ll give it a try next time with half as much of all the sweet things and see how it goes.
Now, there are some pies in my refrigerator, and some blue bunny home made vanilla ice cream (the perfect vanilla to accompany fruit)in my freezer, and I’m not particularly full at the moment. Excuse me please.

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