I baked a beautiful apple crostata. The buttery smell of the crust is still lingering around the house.
Remember my pledge to make raspberry rhubarb pie this year? It’s happening folks, it’s happening tonight. I’m not sure what my problem was finding a recipe last time, I googled today and several recipes popped right up for me to choose from. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m also throwing in a peach pie just because.
I’m using the crust from my grandpa’s apple pie recipe. It is a monster. I might be mistaken but I think he learned to make it whilst serving in the merchant marine if that gives you an idea of the monstrousness of this bad boy.
I can make 3, 8-9 inch double crust pies from just one recipe’s worth of grandpa’s crust. If you make the apple pie full out you do it in a “dripper pan” it’s as deep as your run of the mill 9×13 but with a few extra inches on all four sides.
I’ve got six disks of pie crust resting in my refrigerator this very moment, just waiting for me to come and bless them with fruity centers.
While my pies are in the oven I’ll whip up my sweet potatoes. I was planning to go with my conventional method of just mashing them up with some butter, a little milk and as much sugar as I can pack in there before topping them with marshmallows but after reading Makayla‘s post today, I think I’m going to give her recipe a try. I’m going to leave out the cinnamon though. I like cinnamon and all, but I hate when it sneaks up on me. I don’t expect cinnamon in my sweet potatoes and unexpected cinnamon almost never makes me smile. I’ll let you know how this goes as well. In fact, just plan on a report of all my culinary efforts on your desk in the morning. Or evening, I guess, since were not having our holiday meal as breakfast.


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