A Family on wheels

We went out and rode bikes yesterday. Most of us did anyway, the Mr opted for Roller blades. The New one napped inside while the rest of us rode back and forth in front of the house.
Since I don’t have a bike I got to share with Enzo. It went like this

The main diffenences between this photo and what went on yesterday are
1) It was a not quite two year old Enzo on the seat of the trike rather than a freshly 2 year old Zizza
2) There was just me and Enz yesterday with no “third wheel” (I crack myself up) tagging along in my uterus.
3) The tricycle is not nearly so shiny anymore and also no longer allowed in the house.
4) I’ve had a hair cut or twenty since then.

It was quite a lot of fun. The ability to ride tricycles is one of the perks of being a short legged 5’2″ On the down side, that tricycle’s fender isn’t so much cushioned. After 4 round trips the length of my street I’ve got a pair of bruises to correspond with my sit bones.


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