Speaking Sister Love

Zizza threw a fit because I decided to comb Enzo’s hair first. “I always go first!” she screamed. That’s true of course. Generally speaking I only comb Enzo’s hair because he see’s me combing Zizza’s and wants a turn too. One of the joys of having a young son with only a small about of ultra blond hair is that combing said hair is entirely optional. Today I remembered that he likes to have his hair combed and since Zizza was not coming to get hers done I decided to do his first.
“Shall we comb your hair first today?” I asked him, and chaos ensued.
I told the Girl to go to her room until she could behave nicely. Enzo’s hair was combed in short order but Zizza remained in her room. When she quieted down, I asked her if she was ready to come out and she said “no” so I read the boy a story and had a little snuggle before he wandered off to find other amusements.
After a while he started crying the injured cry, and it was brought to my attention that he had been amusing himself by opening the door to her room so she could shut it again over and over. The inevitable happened and his wee fingers got pinched.
I picked him up and kissed his fingers, striped from the pressure of his sister leaning against the opposite side of the door in which they were stuck. He cried, “Sister, sister play!” No concern over his squished fingers but distraught that his sister wouldn’t play with him.
Enzo is going through a language explosion and it’s an amazing thing to watch him think over and try new sounds and new words.
Tuesday as I was getting him dressed he sat focused on the pile of clean laundry beside me waiting to be put away. Finally he tried out the word he’d been thinking over “ah-k” he said, sock.
K is the sound of the week. It is sounded in the back of his throat like an African click language. He’s been saying “sock” at every opportunity, Today he tried out the sound in a new word, “book”.
When we’re driving he looks out the windows and says “tar,tar,tar,tar” Have you ever played “there’s a car”? It’s a thrilling game.
If he’s not spotting cars he’s singing the alphabet “e, e, e, e, e, ah, dee” and he repeats from there. The description sounds like it would be annoying but it’s really nothing of the sort. I love to hear his baby voice singing as we go wherever it is we’re going.
My Baby Girl learned to speak so early and so fast I never got to watch her think the way I’m doing with him now. It’s such a blessing to peek into his thoughts this way. To watch him puzzle and when he’s through puzzling hear the fruits of all that puzzling. To understand that sure, his fingers are sore, but won’t his sister play with him?

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