New do

I was done being blonde. Oh, so done being blonde.

Also tired of being beholden to my flat iron as I have been for nearly five years now. Observe the natural texture of my hair, in this photo I did nothing but blow-dry. I used my paddle brush to control the crazier waves around my face but in the back I just pointed the blow drier at the hair and went crazy. This is not my favorite look, but it’ll do. I’m thrilled to have a low maintenance option. I’ve been a long time without one.

The high maintenance option is still low maintenance compared with going over every tiny section with a flat-iron until it’s uniformly smooth. The high maintenance option is hot rollers. Hot rolled mussy curls. I’ve been experimenting for the past few days since my haircut and I think I’ve just about worked out my preferred rolling method.

Three cheers for hair! Three cheers for having a good hair dresser! Three cheers for kicking the flat iron to the curb! (actually, I’m keeping it and will probably even use it occasionally)

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