An Important Announcement

The time has come for a change in blog names around here. I’ve been finding the name “Baby Girl” rather cumbersome for some months. I doesn’t shorten well.
“Tiny Boy” can be shortened to “Tiny” without problem but calling her just “Baby” wouldn’t so much work, and while I do call her just plain “Girl” when I’m talking to her, typing it doesn’t feel right to me. Not to mention the fact that with Our New One around people might be confused as to which girl, or even which baby girl I’m talking about.
For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking I’ll change their blog names but then I get typing away and decide it’s too late to do it in that post. Today though, I was at a loss for something to discuss with you all (or maybe for you all would be a more accurate description of what goes on here) so I decided today would be the day. The day of the big name switch.
Henceforth and here to for Baby Girl will be called “Zizza” it is a name she came up with her self and assigned briefly to one of her dolls. I liked it and was sad when she moved on to a new moniker for the dolly in question so I have commandeered it for my own purposes.
Tiny Boy will be called “Enzo” Why? Because that’s one of his existing nicknames and because I like the way it sounds with “Zizza”
The New One will be keeping her existing blog name for the time being. If she becomes a more permanent fixture in our family I will find her a more permanent title for the blog.

Disclaimer- I reserve the right to continue occasional use of the names “Baby Girl” and “Tiny Boy” in reference to the aforementioned children as I see fit.

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