My Girl likes to play “computer games” One might wonder why that is worth mentioning. Many four year olds enjoy such amusements.
Look at the attention she giving the computer in this photo and then guess what she’s playing.

Got it?
Check out the look on her face in this next one and see if you’re still happy with your guess.

If you guessed a blank word document you are right! Well actually, it’s an open office document, we’re an open source family.
Apparently sister girl was wrangling a difficult turn of phrase in that second photo. From the look on her face, I’d guess it’s not going her way.
If Tiny is out of the way and I’m in here sewing she’ll sit at the computer and type all of our names over and over for halves of hours at a a time. She changes the size of the font and the color of her text and has a grand old time.
Imagine what would happen if she was introduced to an actual game. I might be able to entirely turn over the responsibility of raising her to my desk top.

oops, she spotted me

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