Bike it up

Baby Girl bought a bike for herself with her birthday money.
In the days preceding the shopping trip I lamented over the lack of gender neutral bikes for young children. I was certain we’d be driving home with a pink something covered in glitter and maybe a princess or two.
I felt really bad for Tiny, knowing I’ll be too cheap to buy a second itty bitty bike when he gets big enough for one.
A great hing happened though. Baby Girl didn’t even look at the princess bikes. She had a brief encounter with a Dora bike but she went with the bike you see here. It has a rocket painted on it along with the word(s?) “Rock-it”. (If, in the future, my children have trouble spelling “rocket” I’ll know where to lay the blame.)

She’s not looking at the camera because she likes to wear her helmet strap across her chin like a royal guard but has trouble keeping it in place. Nothing I can say will convince her to give up and wear the strap as it’s meant to be worn.
Speaking of helmets; I was so happy about her bike selection that I didn’t even attempt to influence her helmet choice. As a result, a Dora Helmet was purchased. You might not think that’s a big deal, but it is.
I am not an advocate for character apparel. Yes, she is wearing a Disney princess t-shirt in these photos but listen, her grandma bought it for her in Disney world so I made an exception.
I buy character panties, but nothing else.
Normally the Bike helmet would be pushing that line a little too far but I was really thrilled with her bike choice. The Mr. gave me a few surprised, questioning glances as I made no move to discourage the helmet choice. I was very proud of the restraint I was able to show in the situation.
She rode her bike to joy school the next day.

I took twenty minutes to traverse the quarter of a mile (total guess on the distance) to Bestest’s house.

I have some very slow walks ahead of me in the coming weeks while she figures out this bike business. I’ll be praying for patience.

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