The bright side

I had an unfortunate morning. Instead of dwelling on that though, I decided to look for the blessings that came sandwiched between the misfortunes.
I tried to thread my sewing machine (whose name is Serasponda by the way) and found that the damage was worse than I’d previously thought. The blessing is that she is currently at the Bernina shop being taken care of and should be ready for me by the end of the week. Last time I took her in to be cleaned and lubed there was a three week wait before they’d even look at her.
After the Bernina store, the children and I went to Micheal’s. We found the things we needed, waited in line and then found that I’d left my wallet in my church bag. I had nothing. Not even spare change. I haven’t found a blessing in this yet. It was just plain inconvenient.
In the parking lot I misjudged how much space I had and crunched into the car parked next to me. Dusty Miller now has an ugly dent in his bumper. The blessing in this is that Dusty Miller is in such need of a wash that the only damage to the other vehicle was a smear of dirt. If I’d been driving a clean vehicle there surely would have been blue paint left on the other bumper. Hurrah for the dirt buffer that saved me from causing damage to the the other car!
I think I’m going to go ahead and hide in the house for the rest of the day. Even after finding the blessings amid the train wreck (or fender bender) of a morning I don’t think I want to take any more chances out in the world today.


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