On Friday the unthinkable happened.
I was here, at the computer trying to order pizza. A bit of fuss from my children caused me to look to my right where my sewing machines reside.
I only just had time to yell a futile yell before I saw it play out in slow motion before my eyes.
Tiny’s hand grasping the snap-on sewing platform and pulling the machine to the floor where it landed with a thud and a crunch.
The noise that escaped my throat was sort of a mangled gasping sob. The sort of a sound I’d expect one to make while being stabbed.
There was a little part of my brain that remained rational through the process. That rational part wondered If my reaction was entirely natural. The rational thoughts suspected that the rest of me was being over-dramatic. As I continued to issue forth sob after gasping sob however, that rational bit figured out that the episode wasn’t something I could fake.
Luckily, the rational train of thought was also very observant and noticed how my Baby Girl burst into tears of her own as she fled the room on my order.
That knowledge enabled me to contain myself enough to go find her.
Baby Girl completely understood the gravity of the situation. When I entered her room she nearly exploded with sobs. “I’m so sorry mama!” she wailed into my neck.
She thought it was her fault.
How grateful I was for that rational thought, the thought that made me aware of her pain so I could comfort her, tell her she didn’t do it, and that I’d have forgiven her even if she had.
Her crying shifted then, from painful remorse to pure relief. “I love you” she sniffed, and that was that.
Aside from a few minor injuries to the plastic casing, everything seems to be fine. I haven’t tried to sew yet, but I have high hopes. Still, I expect I’ll need to pay a visit to my local Bernina shop to have it looked over.
I am so thankful that I had the insight to buy a quality product in the first place. I feel sure a lesser machine would have been smashed beyond repair.

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