Last night I noticed that the nail on the second toe from the outside of my right foot had chipped.
In a fit of profound laziness I decided it was too much work to get the clippers out of the cabinet for one little toe nail. The nail in question was not jagged, would not snag on anything so I went to bed, intending to take care of it when I was in a mind to do a proper job maintaining all of my toes.
Last night in my dreams I was haunted by that toe nail. All night long in the back ground of my otherwise peaceful dreaming the knowledge of that one uneven toe nail scraped against the subconscious of my subconscious.
This morning I refused to give in to the pesky nagging nail. It would get taken care of when I was good and ready and not a minute sooner.
During nap time, after I finished my work I treated myself to a pedicure. (Though I’m not sure if it counts as “treating” if you do it yourself) I clipped and filed, buffed and painted. Now my nails are deep purple, shiny, and chip free.
I plan on sweet dreams tonight.


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