The smell of Halloween

You know what I mean, right? The inside of a trick-or-treat bag. A mixture or bubble gum and tootsie rolls. If you had a good year, maybe there would be enough chocolate in your bag that you could smell that too.

I alternately love and hate that smell.
This bag was my first ever knitting project. Well, first completed, second attempted.
Two years ago my mother in law was visiting for Baby Girl’s birthday and we saw a knitted trick-or-treat bag on the cover of a magazine in the checkout line at the grocery store. A seed was planted in my brain and when we got home I went to my stash closet, dug out my knitting needles and the orange yarn that I miraculously owned. I took my booty down stairs and said “so, you want to teach me to knit?” I said it to my mother in law, not my Mr or my 2 year old Baby Girl, Neither of them knew how to knit.

She and I worked together on it that weekend one or the other of us picking it up when our hands were free and passing it to the other when we got tired.
The tricky part was, she went home before it was finished so I had to figure out how to cast off (wait, is that the right way to say that) on my own, just me and the internet.
I wove the 1/8 inch grosgrain ribbon through so spell “BOO” and have loved the bag ever since. Even in spite of the fact that the “BOO” isn’t really all that legible.

2 Responses to The smell of Halloween

  1. I would enjoy sticking my head directly in the bag of candy. And just viewing and smelling. It was me in a world of candy. And I loved it.

    Thought from my Mothers point of view, watching me lay on the carpet with my head in a pillow case, it seems slightly odd.

  2. Great knit bag – I love it! Our babe isn’t at the getting-candy stage yet, but I’ll have to make one of these.

    I personally LOVE the smell of the candy bag, but it has to include red licorice. Somehow, for me, that smell seals the deal. 🙂


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