Remember how I wasn’t going to post pictures until everybody was dressed and coiffed?
I lied, or changed my mind anyway.
Have you ever seen a more adorable ghost? If you have, I’m going to need for you to lie and say “no”

Now it’s time for truth. As much as I love the pointy head, I’m afraid it looks at bit too Klann-ish. Should I round it off?

One more thing, do I leave his pink little face, or do I paint it white?

Please advise.
Now I’ve got to go squish some little ghostie cheeks.

9 Responses to BOO!

  1. Yes, it definitely looks Klannish. 🙁 Sorry!

    And paint his face white. With black around the eyes. That’s the traditional ghost face painting, right?

    Can’t wait to see Jane!

  2. I’m going to cause a controversy here with a big ol’ “no”! I love the pointy top. He looks very much like a ghost. And I don’t even need to lie to say it’s the cutest ghost costume I’ve seen.

  3. I would have to aggree with the last comment, I say no to rounding it, the top is so cute, and I also didn’t think anything about the KKK until you said something. I think it looks like the cutest ghost ever. And with painting his face you really could go either way, you should ask him, maybe he will have a good answer.

  4. The KKK pointed top is the whole top of the head. Tiny’s is perfectly in the back of his head as a ghost’s head should be.
    I’m on the fence with the face painting…you should try it out and see if you like it.
    That is the CUTEST ghost costume I have ever seen! Is he working on his “Boo”?

  5. Honestly, I didn’t think it looked Klannish until you said it. I think maybe just a titch shorter would do just the trick. I think I like his face as it is, not painted white.


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