Road Trip

We took a little trip over the weekend. Up through Nevada to see The Mr’s Grandparents, an afternoon in St. George Utah and back again. It was a lot of car time.
Here are some highlights.

Car snacks; red grapes, swiss cheese and wheat thins are a must.

I like to eat mine like this

Of course some chocolate was also necessary

Tiny Boy played in the dirt…

and with Grandpa

Baby Girl hid…

and peeked.

The New One did her thing. She also spent a fair amount of time snuggling Grandma but apparently only when the camera was put away.

We all enjoyed (or something) a McDonalds breakfast before we were back on the road…

Behind miles and miles of bikers.

Last time we drove through the area it was in the midst of a marathon. I have to say, id much rather drive with the runners, they stay pretty much on the shoulder of the road where you’re not likely to hit them by accident. The bikers were all over the place, I suppose I understand, I’d rather ride in the middle of the road myself, still it was rather tedious.
Finally the bikers veered off our course, we hopped over the Hoover Dam and scurried home.
Good Times.


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