How I put the “family” in family baking

We made our Halloween cookies the other day. I used this cookie puzzle as an excuse to keep Baby Girl from “helping” me mix and cut them out.

Making cut-out cookies is fabled to be this magical mother-child experience but I for one can’t stand it. I told Baby Girl, “You play up-stairs while I make you a surprise!” She is happy to comply when a surprise is involved.
The glaze for the puzzle is, I think, very pretty but it’s not much by way of flavor so we did the rest with goopy delicious frosting.

As much as I dislike help when I’m cutting out cookies, I love help with the frosting. Baby girl did these.

It took her nearly as long to frost those two as it took for me to do the rest.
That’s why I like help with the frosting part. She was completely occupied and involved and the cookies were still frosted to my satisfaction within a reasonable amount of time.
I think hers turned out really nice, but if they hadn’t, it wouldn’t matter because she’ll eat them anyway.

One Response to How I put the “family” in family baking

  1. Amen, sister. Amen. Few things drive me up the wall like little hands bugging me while I’m getting us ready to do something fun.

    And I am incredibly impressed by Baby Girl’s cooking decorating ability! She does a better job than I do!


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