Smiling again

Today our New One had an appointment smack int the middle of nap time for Tiny.
It gave me the perfect excuse to get a babysitter.
The appointment was completed in all of five minutes and I was off to the fabric store.
I walked around the store for a full ten minutes just taking deep breaths of solitude. Sure, I had a baby along but she sleeps a lot so it still counts as alone time.
I am a new woman.
I was, at long last, able to find Jane Bank’s fabric. I’ve had quite a time trying to locate the tone on tone robin’s egg blue stripe featured in the dress Baby Girl and I selected to re-create, and I still wasn’t able to do it. I did find a lovely moire taffeta which will be splendid, as well as the perfect shade of purple satin for the sash. I’m only lacking the lace for the collar, and it’s nothing special, I can find it at JoAnn.
Now I’ve got to buckle down and finish my elephant so I can get started on Jane.
There’s not much that compares to the thrill of working on a project one is really excited about.


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